This notice is part of the use of the website in compliance with the standards established by the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.

All data collected are controlled by Cancungayfriendly with tax residence in Av. Sunyaxchen 24 Lt 1 Int 10 Cancun, Quintana Roo, who take care of the processing of personal or sensitive data ( “Data”) in order to provide privacy and the right to self-determination of the information.

Responsible for the protection of such data is the Customer Service Department who may be contacted via e

The personal data collected on this website include, but are not limited to, name, phone number and email. In some cases, for example by making payments: number of credit / debit card, expiration date, check digit, name of cardholder and address to which comes the statement credit card. This information is collected and stored, when you make a reservation online, by telephone or through any other means. The payment data with credit / debit cards will be are destroyed after confirming the transaction of the reservation

Furthermore, this site collects non-personal information automatically through different analysis tools each time a visitor enters Cancungayfriendly; for example search target, the way the site is used or estimated time display on a given page. This information is collected through cookies and allows the company to constantly improve usability and site design to suit the needs of visitors and facilitate operations therein.

Cookies are files that the browser stores on the hard drive of the user’s computer. When you enter the site Cancungayfriendly, we may store information about the session and assign one or more cookies. Cookies from this site do not collect or store personal information.

How data is used

The data provided may be used at one or more of the following ways:

– Process, complete, update, cancel or print services contracted through Cancungayfriendly by any means: mail or telephone.

– Telephone calls to confirm availability, check transactions or transactions made via internet or telephone if required or if Cancungayfriendly and their representatives do need themt.

– Sending notifications via email that inform about any changes, availability or events related to the travel itinerary: confirmation of the contracted services, modifications, cancellations, invitations to evaluate or comment on the contracted services and the service received from Cancungayfriendly, its employees or representatives.

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